In February 2023, we opened our third virtual office in Warsaw. Similarly to previous virtual offices, the suite was bought by us to ensure that the address of your company is not limited in time. By renting a suite, the tenant usually enters into a five or ten-year agreement. While time passes quickly and it is better to be the owner of the suite than the tenant because then the virtual office can be operated for fifteen or twenty or even more years. Furthermore, it is worth being an owner because the suite must be renovated, painted and equipped from time to time. As an owner, we can carry out all those activities without consents.

Address to be recorded in the National Court Register and not only

On the other hand, you, as our customer, can be sure that the address of your company will be valid for years or even decades. It is important because we offer an address to be recorded in the National Court Register, which is very hard to change. Forms of the National Court Register are difficult to fill in and the address change application is always expensive. The change of an address in the National Court Register entails the change of an invoicing address, which must be communicated to all business partners. And after several years of your company’s operation, there can be hundreds of them. The virtual office is also a correspondence address. Thus, we definitely recommend that you should choose such an office whose owner is both the owner of the virtual office and the property. The virtual office in suite 28 at 7 Złota Street collects all types of correspondence for its customers. We will notify you of incoming correspondence by e-mail or text message. We can send you scans of the whole or part of your correspondence. Everything is handled in the same way as it has been handled for years in our virtual offices at Aleje Jerozolimskie and Mazowiecka Street. Those offices has been operating to date and we do not intend to close them. Prices applicable to our new virtual office are identical to those applicable to our other virtual offices. At the same time, we hope, like the President of the National Bank of Poland, that inflation will stabilise soon and the prices will not have to be increased. We will do anything possible not to increase our prices above those published on our website. You are welcome at our virtual office in suite 28 at 7 Złota Street in the very centre of Warsaw.

Virtual registered office or business address

Our virtual offices provide a business address which is necessary to register your company with the National Court Register, but you can also use it in your business cards and all advertisements. In addition, the virtual office is not solely an address or a virtual registered office. Our virtual offices provide all facilities of real offices. In particular, in the virtual offices there are conference rooms where boards of directors or shareholders of companies can meet at the virtual office address and make key decisions for the company. The conference rooms are available free of charge because five hours of meetings in the conference rooms are included in the rent. You can also carry out your business activity in those rooms, if appropriate, work on your laptop or meet your business partner. The room at Złota Street is the most scenic of our meeting rooms because, apart from the large table, you can see the clock of the Palace of Culture through the window.

Why is Warsaw the best city to locate virtual offices there?

As you see, our company has chosen Warsaw for our virtual offices. We operate them in the very centre because we believe that it is better to have an address of a company or a registered office of business activity in the heart of the city than in distant suburbs. Please note that our addresses are located in the centre of Warsaw and are recognisable or sound well. Aleje Jerozolimskie is decidedly the address that is associated with Warsaw. Złota Street is also recognisable due to large projects exposed by media, like Złote Tarasy or the skyscraper at 44 Złota Street. In addition, Złota Street is positively associate with gold, which is the fruit of hard business work and has been maintaining its value for hundreds of years. We also believe that Warsaw, as the capital city, is the best location for a registered office of a company or business activity, even if shareholders are located in different regions of Poland. The Warsaw address looks best in all types of promotional materials, and due to the location of a great number of various companies in the centre of Warsaw, the probability of tax inspection decreases.

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