What does the centre of Warsaw look like?

The centre of Warsaw (Warszawa Śródmieście) is the most business district of Warsaw, which, together with Wola, form a consistent area where there are more and more skyscrapers, i.e. high office buildings, which underline the business character of the city centre. There is a typical business district in Warsaw, i.e. Służewiec Przemysłowy (83 office buildings), but it is mainly made of older and lower office spaces with less attractive access. Owing to the difficult access to workplace, it is called Mordor and some business tenants move to the centre and Wola, which can be accessed by underground. Such office buildings like Central Point or Varso Tower, are directly entwined in transport routes of the underground and suburban trains. The main arteries of Warsaw are Aleje Jerozolimskie, Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska. The names of these streets are recognisable all over Poland. Many people also recognises smaller streets in the centre of Warsaw, like Złota Street which is known of the Złote Tarasy shopping centre or a building for millionaires at Złota 44 (Żagiel Libeskinda). Nowogrodzka, Żurawia, Hoża, Wilcza, Wspólna, Chmielna or Mazowiecka Streets not only offer beautiful urban tenement houses, but house registered offices of the most important centres of culture, politics, musical clubs or companies which are known all over Poland. The centre of Warsaw is also a great location for law firms, attorney’s offices, notary public’s offices and bailiff’s offices, which can be found practically in each tenement house. Many tenement houses in the city centre are typical office buildings, in particular at Mazowiecka Street, which houses well-known musical clubs and rented offices.
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