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accounting services in our virtual office

Our clients often receive by post VAT invoices
for the purchases company made. So we have a licensed accountant ( License of the Ministry of Finance ) who can deal with your bookkeeping each month. Our accountant speaks fluent English.

In addition if you want to set up your business bank account,
you can do this without visiting a bank.

We provide to entrepreneurs comprehensive services with the best credit bank's offers.
Warsaw Virtual Office is a smart choice not only for existing, but also for new companies.

In one place you sign lease contract, register company, set up an account and you do not have anything else to do in any register offices.

The Pricelist of Accountancy Services :

There is 20% discount for our new clients during the first three months of the service.
Additionally we can give you discount if your payment is on time.

If your company has a break in normal service, for instance there is no monthly turnover, no invoices, the price for our services is only 50 to 150 PLN depends on how much work has the accountant with your company.
If you are not able to bring your documents to our office in person, you can send us scans by email and send the documents of your comany by post.

Personal Company

1. Keeping the revenues and expenditures
- up to 6 documents 180,00 PLN
- up to 12 documents 280,00 PLN
- up to 25 documents 330,00 PLN
- more then 25 documents ( there is a special discount for more than 50 documents ) 5,00 PLN for each document
2. Running records of purchase and sale of goods subject to VAT tax 50,00 PLN
3. Annual tax declaration 80,00 PLN
4. Information and help in all issues regarding to your comapny / 1h 60,00 PLN

Limited Liability Company

1. Running accounting book for a company - basic fee, from 250,00 PLN
( depends on individual negotiations and type of company )
2. Fee, which depends on the number of documents :
- up to 10 documents 430,00 PLN
- up to 20 documents 630,00 PLN
- for more than 20 documents 800 PLN + 6,00 PLN for each next document
( there is a discount for more than 50 documents )
3. Cash report / bank statement – for each 50 documents 50,00 PLN
4. Performing end of the year balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, the annual corporate tax declaration 0,03 - 0,06 % of annual turnover
5. Analysis of the end of the year balance sheet 30 – 60 % of the average monthly cost of our service
6. Information and help in all issues regarding to your comapny / 1h - 100,00 PLN

Payroll lists and social insurance ( in Polish : ZUS )

1. Preparing social and health insurance for the owner of the personal company 30,00 PLN
2. Payroll record for 1 employee 60,00 PLN
3. Dealing with sick leave of an employee 20,00 PLN
4. Dealing with another form of contract with an employee ( other then a job contract ); contract without ZUS ( next contract for the same employee in the same year -50% of discount ) 40,00 PLN monthly
5. Dealing with another form of contract with an employee ( other then a job contract ); contract with ZUS
( next contract for the same employee in the same year -50% of discount ) 65,00 PLN
6. Dealing with every issue regarding to 1 employee with a job contract 50,00 PLN
7. Annual declaration PIT-11 / PIT-40 / PIT-8 50,00 PLN
8. Information and help in all issues regarding to all employee and ZUS cases 100 PLN / h

Additional fees

1. Registration in Tax Office, ZUS; records amendments in Tax Office, ZUS ( 50% of discount ) 80,00 PLN
2. Collecting your documents from virtual office - for free
3. Accountant approach to the other place in Warsaw ( for each time ) - 100 PLN
4. Representation of your company in Tax Office, ZUS and other public institutions 0,00 PLN ( in the cost of the accountant service included )
5. Running records of fixed assets and equipment 10,00 PLN
+ for each record 2,00 PLN
6. Unpaid invoice fine, documents not on time fine 25,00 PLN

Additional services

( corrections when the reason of the correction is because of clients neglect, invoice correction, fine interests )
Some additional services are in price included. The price for others is 100 PLN for an hour of work.

VAT rate for above mentioned services is 23%.

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