Virtual offices of VSL-System in the centre of Warsaw (Warszawa Śródmieście)

Where are virtual offices of VSL-System located?

The virtual offices of VSL-System are located in two facilities in the centre of Warsaw and are reporting to the First and Third Tax Offices for Warszawa Śródmieście (the Second Tax Office for Warszawa Śródmieście is, simply speaking, for foreigners). The virtual offices are located in our own premises in historic tenement houses at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie and 11 Mazowiecka Street. The tenement house at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie is entered in the register kept by the historic building conservator and the tenement house at 11 Mazowiecka Street has a historic gate. Both tenement houses have a great number of signboards of companies and law firms, which means that they are office buildings. The tenement houses are surrounded either with very high office buildings, e.g. Varso Tower, which is located opposite 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie, or a great number of smaller office buildings constructed during the times of the People’s Republic of Poland at Mazowiecka and Świętokrzyska Streets.
The tenement house at 7 Złota Street is the closest to the Palace of Culture and is the headquarter of many companies. At the same time, it is very easy to park your car here, because between ul. Złota and the Palace of Culture is an underground passage. There is a very large, empty car park around the Palace of Culture.
The centre of Warsaw is a business district, which is clearly visible in the main photo of our website. The photo at the top of our website presents a so called eastern wall of Warsaw, i.e. Świętokrzyska and Mazowiecka Streets, and in the central part of the photo there is the house at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie (next to the Central Railway Station and Varso Tower). At the left-hand side of the photo, there are: Oxford Tower, Hotel Marriott, Central Tower, Atlas Tower in the distance, Varso Tower, The Warsaw Hub in the distance, Warsaw Unit, Skyliner, Generation Park, Warsaw Spire, Skylight, Warsaw Towers, Złota 44, Warsaw Trade Tower in the distance, Rondo 1, InterContinental, Warsaw Financial Center, the Palace of Culture and Science, and Cosmopolitan.

Since when have the virtual offices of VSL-System been operating?

The virtual offices of VSL-System have commenced their operation in the centre of Warsaw in 2010. We set the milestone of our operation in 2015, when we bought the suite number 21 at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie. In 2016, we bought the suite at 11 Mazowiecka Street, because it is reporting to a different tax office in the centre of Warsaw. During the whole period of our operation, our virtual office prices have not changed. We have never applied any radical increase and any concern that the fee will start with PLN 59 per month and then it will increase has been and is groundless.

What comes within the virtual offices of VSL-System?

The virtual offices of VSL-System are always made of a secretariat with permanent staff and meeting rooms. The secretariat is equipped with a fax, scanning and copying machine of more than PLN 10,000 net. In the secretariat, there are always two persons to ensure that the office is open even in case of a sick or holiday leave. The secretariat is required by customers and meeting rooms are usually required by public authorities. Each company must hold a management board meeting at least once a year, which means that there must be a meeting room in the registered office of the company. The virtual offices of VSL-System offer two meeting rooms in each building and an additional unrenovated room in each building, which can be transformed into a meeting room, if necessary.

Why has VSL-System chosen the centre of Warsaw?

We considered establishing a network of virtual offices in the largest cities of Poland. However, having analysed lectures given by the Asbiro School, we learned that some sectors can be networked, but it is better not to start networking the others. Food stores and hairdressing salons are extreme examples. The chain of food stores obtains better prices from suppliers. That is why a Smith with one store will not establish cooperation with Sainsbury’s. This does not apply to hairdressers. There is no benefit arising from owning 100 hairdressing salons and a hairdresser employed in each salon under an employment contract with fixed pay will be thinking how to establish their own salon and earn 100% of money from each customer. That is why we establish our virtual offices locally and focus on one district in one city. We believe that the centre of Warsaw is the best address for a registered office, wherever a director of the company or an entrepreneur comes from. Warsaw is a large city where a so called local clique will not be established, as documented in the film entitled “Układ zamknięty”. In the centre of Warsaw, there is a great number of office buildings and companies. This is a business district and a great number of companies with high income reporting to the First Tax Office for Warszawa Śródmieście and the Third Tax Office for Warszawa Śródmieście guarantee a priceless sense of peace.

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