Company registration - Warsaw-Śródmieście

We allow you to place our full address :
7 Zlota St. Office no. 28
00-019 Warsaw
11 Mazowiecka St. Office no. 49
00-052 Warsaw
in the National Court Register ( KRS ) or CEIDG
( the public electronic registration of companies or business activities ),
if you come to us later to become our client without undue delay.

Tax Office for Warsaw-Śródmieście and other important addresses

If you register your company at our address 7 Zlota St. Office no. 28 or 11 Mazowiecka St. Office no. 49 ,
your company will be a subject to the following offices :

First Tax Office Warsaw-Śródmieście
ul. Lindleya 14,
02-013 Warszawa,
phone 22 58-46-100

Warszawa-Śródmieście Social Insurance Board ( in Polish known as ZUS )
00-917 Warszawa, ul. Senatorska 6/8, phone (22) 538-21-11 to 14

Warsaw Statistical Office
21 1 Sierpnia Street, 02-134 Warsaw, phone : 022 464 20 00

National Court Register ( in Polish known as KRS )

Here you can set up a limited ( liability ) company ( in Polish : Spółka z o.o. )

National Court Register Central Information
( 100 Czerniakowska Street )
receives visitors on :
Monday 8.30 - 18.00 hours
Tuesday - Friday 8.30 - 15.30 hours.

Information Point of the National Court Register District XII – for cases of the Warsaw districts
of Ochota, Wola and Śródmieście.

( 100 Czerniakowska Street, 00-454 Warsaw, ground floor )
phone no. 022 44 00 691 or 022 44 00 692.

A mine of information about notary services in Poland in English :

Can the authorities refuse to register the address of a registered office in the virtual office?

The address of the registered office of companies, including, without limitation, popular limited liability companies, must be registered with the National Court Register. The National Court Register is kept by dedicated courts: District Courts, which are called registration courts. Those courts verify, first of all, purely formal issues, i.e. whether all necessary forms have been filed and filled in correctly and whether a relevant fee has been paid. Based on our 12-year experience in operating the virtual office, we can state that the type of address has never been analysed by the aforementioned courts. This is a very reasonable approach because in accordance with the Business Activity Freedom Act, each entrepreneur should have the right to choose an address for the registration of their company or foundation. Some will choose a virtual office or an office building and others will register a company at their home address. As regards the registration of a company with the National Court Register or a business activity with the CEiDG (Central Registration and Information on Business), there have never been problems with the authorities keeping those registers. The registered address of the company is then shared with other authorities, i.e. the statistical office, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and the tax office. As you see, there are many authorities in Poland. The statistical office does not cause problems to entrepreneurs either, because it keeps statistics. The same applies to the Social Insurance Institution, which does not analyse whether the company’s address is registered at the virtual office or elsewhere. The VAT Department of the tax office is the only authority that analyses the address. The address of the registered office of a company or a business activity is recorded in the VAT register if the company or business intends, or given its turnover, has to be a VAT payer. At present, our experience shows that tax offices do not cause any problems if the registered office of a company or business activity is a virtual office. However, if, apart from the registered office, your company has any other place of operation, like a yard, a production plant, a shop, the address of that place will be recorded in the VAT register instead of the registered office. It is without prejudice to having the address of a virtual office as: the registered office in the National Court Register, an invoicing address, a correspondence address or an address on business cards. It is necessary to fill in the company or business activity VAT registration form very carefully. Summing up, given our experience in operating the virtual office, the address of the registered office can be located in the virtual office and this does not cause any problems with the authorities.

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