Conference rooms at 7 Zlota Street office room no. 28, 6th floor

The virtual office at 7 Zlota Street office room no. 28 in Warsaw offers three conference rooms.

The conference rooms include: :
- room no. 1 – for 6 people, area: 8 square metres (currently not in use),
- room no. 2 – for 6 people, area: 8 square metres,
- room no. 3 – for 8 people, area: 12 square metres.

The rooms have a WI-FI Internet connection provided from an Orange fibre optic cable.
The window in room no. 3 faces the clock on the Palace of Culture and Science.
All rooms boast innovative Foresta soundproof doors – the most expensive model in the VOX interior door catalogue for the Autumn 2021.

Each office subscription includes 5 hours of access to the conference room free of charge.

The pictures below show the view from Złota Street of the building at 7 Zlota Street, the main room of suite 28 on the 6th floor and the previously mentioned conference rooms ( meeting rooms, board rooms ).
The virtual office with conference rooms is located very close to the Palace of Culture and Science, in the Warsaw Downtown district. This is the very heart of Warsaw, near Warsaw Centrum metro station. The rooms can be used for company board meetings and for meetings with contractors or fiscal authority auditors.

History and mission of virtual offices of VSL-System

The virtual offices of VSL-System were established in 2010 in the office building, which does not exist anymore as it was demolished and replaced with a luxurious apartment house.
Given the above, in 2015 we bought an apartment in the old historic tenement house at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie in the centre of Warsaw. The virtual office at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie has been operating to date and the building is supervised by the conservator.
In 2016 we also bought an apartment in the historic tenement house at 11 Mazowiecka Street and in 2021 in the historic tenement house at 7 Złota Street. All those buildings are located in the very centre of Warsaw, in the district of Warsaw Śródmieście.
Our mission has always been to provide a good registration address to companies or businesses. Our address is used as an address recorded in the National Court Register or a registered office in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEiDG). Apart from the address, each agreement provides for five hours at meeting rooms per month free of charge. Thus, the virtual address is a real office, where you can meet your business partner, work or meet tax inspectors. We have always taken care that meeting rooms are equipped with soundproof doors and modern furniture. As you see in the above photos of 7 Złota Street, 11 Mazowiecka Street and Aleje Jerozolimskie, internal doors in the virtual offices are of top quality and conference tables are wide, modern and were produced for export. The attractiveness, including recognisability and location, of the address has been always important to us. Our virtual offices not only adjoin the Palace of Culture, but surround it at different sides, as well. In addition, the virtual office at 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie is located very close to Varso Tower, which is an extraordinary skyscraper, the highest one in the European Union with a publicly accessible viewing deck.

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