Meeting rooms in the center of Warsaw

In the gallery at the bottom of this page there are authentic images of our two conference rooms
belonging to our virtual office at 85 Jerozolimskie Ave. Office no. 21. One room is designed for 6 persons and the other for 8.

You can hire our conference room additionally for 10 PLN + VAT per hour,
but the first 5 hours is in your monthly payment for virtual office included.

There is an access to a broadband wireless internet connection ( about 50 MBit/s ).
The rooms are in the historic building, finished before the first world war in 1913.
The building is fully renovated and the rooms very comfortable.
From the rooms you can see and hear the quiet courtyard, not busy street.

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00-019 Warsaw, 7 Zlota St. Office no. 28

02-001 Warsaw, 85 Jerozolimskie Ave. Office no. 21

00-052 Warsaw, 11 Mazowiecka St. Office no. 49

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