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Contact details 7 Zlota St., Office no. 28 - 6th floor

7 Zlota St. Office no 28
00-019 Warszawa
Phone no: +48 22 861 67 03

opening hours 9.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday

( over long weekends our offices are usually closed )

we accept visa mastercard payments

Location details :
city Warsaw, district in Poland - mazowieckie,
district in Warsaw - Srodmiescie Polnocne.

The car park is located at the Palace of Culture and Science from the side of Centrum Department Stores.
Zlota Street starts at the Sawa Department Store.
At the Sawa Department Store, there is an underground passage under Marszalkowska Street to the parking at the Palace of Culture and Science.

Why does VSL-System operate three virtual offices in Warsaw?

In the above tab of our website, you can only see the address of one of virtual offices of VSL-System. We also operate virtual offices at 11 Mazowiecka Street and 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie. We operate three virtual offices because in recent years our company has been developing all the time along with the development of the Polish economy. The whole period from Poland having joined the European Union has been our golden age. In our sector many new companies were established, mainly due to opportunities of export to countries much richer than Poland, like Germany or France. EU grants have also improved the situation significantly. At the very beginning in 2010 our virtual office was mainly used by Poles. Today, Warsaw attracts emigrants literally from all over the world. For our virtual offices, we have not only chosen Warsaw as a city, but the very centre of the city near the Palace of Culture. In this area, there are some pre-war tenement houses, which are mainly office buildings right now and are used as registered offices of many companies, registration addresses of companies, as well as offices of law firms, debt collectors, attorneys-at-law and notaries public. This is a proper environment to develop your business. Along with the development of our company, we bought suites of our virtual offices in those tenement houses. 85 Aleje Jerozolimskie is a tenement house located opposite to Varso Tower. 11 Mazowiecka Street is a tenement house located among many office buildings at Mazowiecka, Czackiego and Świętokrzyska Streets. It is well- communicated via the second underground line. In addition, a four-level underground car park for 420 cars is being constructed under the Powstańców Warszawy Square. The tenement house at 7 Złota Street is also located near the car park in construction, but it is also connected via the underground passage under Marszałkowska Street leading to the existing large car park at the Palace of Culture. This is also a pre-war tenement, which houses many companies and even political parties.
Virtual offices of VSL-System guarantee the best location and certainty of your business address for years.

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00-019 Warsaw, 7 Zlota St. Office no. 28

02-001 Warsaw, 85 Jerozolimskie Ave. Office no. 21

00-052 Warsaw, 11 Mazowiecka St. Office no. 49

phone +48 22 861 67 03

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