Virtual Office in Warsaw, Poland – Two Locations in the City Centre

An attractive location is nowadays half the battle for most businesses.
A good company address ensures both prestige and a perfect place for meetings with existing and potential customers, who will find the meeting venue without any problems.

With VSL-System you can have a virtual office in the centre of Warsaw ( Poland ), whose address will not only exist on paper, but will also provide a real venue for meetings with your business partners.
We place at your disposal a large, professionally equipped floor space as well as a team managing your correspondence and a wide range of other services that you can include in your package depending on the needs of your company.

Trust professionals and develop your business in the business heart of the capital !

Benefits of the cooperation with VSL-System :

  • We own both offered premises, in which our office is located. We do not rent it like other virtual offices, which means that you will receive a tenancy agreement instead of subtenancy agreement.
    It will be a permanent address for your company for many years – not one that constantly changes;
  • We have been running our virtual office since 2010;
  • Low monthly subscription fee for virtual offices PLN 49 + VAT – an address for registration in government agencies, including handling of written correspondence. The agreement is executed for an indefinite period of time. It can be terminated by one month’s notice, payment is made monthly, not for the entire period in advance;
    promotion – first settlement period for PLN 1 net;
  • Extended package including scanning of letters costs only PLN 69 or PLN 120 + VAT
    here is a list of subscription options and prices;
  • Information about new mail via email or SMS to have 99.99% certainty of being informed about new correspondence if the email does not arrive or goes to SPAM;
  • 85/21 Jerozolimskie Ave. – falls within the competence of the Third Tax Office Warszawa-Śródmieście.
    The building is situated near ORCO Tower and Oxford Tower skyscrapers, Mariott Hotel, Złote Tarasy shopping centre and the Central Station. There is a large parking lot next to it, but it is also easy to find a free parking space in the street (at any time of the day) – see more in the gallery;
  • 11/49 Mazowiecka St. - falls within the competence of the First Tax Office Warszawa- Śródmieście.
    The building is situated near Świętokrzyska street in an office area. It houses institutions such as Polski Klub Ekologiczny (Polish Ecological Club), Centrum Analizy Ryzyka (Risk Analysis Centre), Centrum Matrymonialno Poznawcze OSTOYA (OSTOYA Matrimonial and Cognitive Centre) – see more in the gallery;
  • Professional services provided to your company, including not only a virtual address, but also the access to a conference room, Warsaw phone number and, as part of a higher package, scanning of correspondence. Our virtual office ensures bookkeeping and legal services as well as assistance with starting a company or other business entities;
  • 5-hour use of a conference room included in the basic and extended subscription fee, as our offer covers not only the rental of an address;
  • The access to rented rooms also during a fiscal control;
  • A possibility to deduct 100% VAT in the case of cars, and, since 2015, also fuels, because, as opposed to companies operating at the place of residence of the owner, it is possible to objectively verify whether the cars are used exclusively for company purposes (28.02.2014 an article at entitled VAT versus a company car – how much tax will you be able to deduct after the changes?);
  • Easier promotion of a company website with phrases such as "milling machines Warsaw", that is, local Warsaw ones, as it is possible to place the contact data of the Warsaw office on the website;
  • Our virtual office is a perfect solution for companies that have too low budget even for renting a small office space as well as for those whose current office is located in other cities;
  • The registration of a company in the capital also involves less frequent fiscal controls, thanks to which our customers include entrepreneurs from Krakow, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław and Gdańsk;
  • There are also numerous individual tax rulings confirming that having a registered office in Warsaw involves numerous benefits.

85 Jerozolimskie Ave. or 11 Mazowiecka St. is a perfect address to register a business or a company for practical reasons as well as formal ones – as a virtual address for the National Court Register, which is also a real address at which you have a right to carry out your business operations in an organized and continuous way as well as to organize management board’s or shareholders’ meetings.

You are welcome to use our virtual office at the centre of Warsaw in both locations !

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