Photos of the virtual office and its location

Our virtual office address is 85 Jerozolimskie Ave. Office no. 21.

We are in this yellow historic building finished before first world war in 1913. The building is fully renovated.
In the building there are plenty of companies such as attorney company, English language school and bank branch.

main picture of 85 Jerozolimskie Ave.

Very close to our location there are Central Train Station, Zlote Tarasy shopping mall and business building, skyscrapers - ORCO Tower, Oxford Tower, Marriott Hotel.

The two last rows of photos are showing our office and conference rooms.

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00-019 Warsaw, 7 Zlota St. Office no. 28

02-001 Warsaw, 85 Jerozolimskie Ave. Office no. 21

00-052 Warsaw, 11 Mazowiecka St. Office no. 49

phone +48 22 861 67 03

phone +48 22 625 39 09

phone +48 22 657 22 36