Virtual Office Lawyer

In this panel, a virtual office lawyer will give you top quality legal advice.
Advice is given by Jakub Bonowicz, Legal Counsel.
He is a fluent English speaker / reader and specializes in Polish law.

Articles on subjects connected with companies, activities, tax office,
taxpayer identification number written in 2013 and 2014 by Mr. Jakub Bonowicz
are also available under HELP
virtual office help.

Questions are fully anonymous and will not be published anywhere.
Questions are not subject to any payment or subscription fee.

Due to new limitations in the processing of personal data and no problems with finding the services of Jakub Jakubowicz on Google from March 13, 2018, we encourage you to contact him directly using Google search.

Where to look for legal aid?

As mentioned above, you can obtain legal support from Legal Advisor Jakub Bonowicz. Please note, however, that each lawyer has a specific specialisation. Mr Jakub Bonowicz provides services to entrepreneurs. Therefore, questions concerning the management of an own company, corporation or business activity will be most optimum to him. He also deals with the law of new technologies and international business trading. Articles on incorporating a company in Great Britain or in Slovakia published on our website were prepared by Mr Bonowicz. Legal Advisor Jakub Bonowicz has also commented many times on whether the company’s registered office can be located in the virtual office. It is sad that in Poland we still have to analyse that, while other countries, like Estonia or Great Britain, make business of that. In London, there are virtual offices whose owners operate dozens of their own real properties in London for virtual office purposes, payments for the company’s address come from all over the world, and no-one analyses whether the company’s registered office can be located in the virtual office or not. Legal advice in other fields is available in This a very user-friendly portal. You can easily ask and pay for your question. The response is exhaustive, although it is better to consult an experienced lawyer than a person without experience who only writes legal advice.

What is it not worth asking a lawyer?

It is not worth asking a lawyer, in particular one from, about administrative issues. Unfortunately, the practice of offices is completely different in various regions of Poland and it is useless to ask questions what a specific town hall will or should do or how to force that office to act. It is better to go to the specific office and ask about their opinion. This applied in particular to the transformation of perpetual usufruct to ownership. Of course, a lawyer can quote a relevant statutory act in their opinion, but the practice of your office can be completely different. For some offices, the rental of an apartment is a form of business activity and the rented apartment is no longer a place of residence, but a form of business activity. And other offices are only interested in whether there is anyone living in the apartment or whether the apartment is used to carry out business activity recorded in the Business Activity Record (CEiDG). Therefore, it is difficult to write to a lawyer because there are discrepancies even between offices. You must ask a specific office about their approach to a given case and the way they intend to handle that case.

Can a legal advice be free?

There is something like free legal advice in Poland. However, it does not apply to entrepreneurs, but rather to people that do not have financial resources to engage a legal advisor or an attorney. The statutory act on that kind of free aid refers to the poorest people as those that are entitled to free aid and that aid involves a representative or a defence counsel in the court. It is possible to obtain more typical legal advice free of charge, however in the field of indebtedness, housing affairs or social security. Thus, you can see that all the time legal aid is addressed to people that do not handle those issues, have taken non-bank loans, are late with the rent, or are visited by social care representatives. You will rather not find entrepreneurs among those persons. On the other hand, it is only necessary to file a statement of a natural or legal person that the person cannot afford to pay the cost of legal aid. PIT/CIT of that person is not verified.

Legal and tax ideas presented on this website must not be considered as our recommendations. Consult them with a good tax advisor or lawyer because the regulations change all the time.

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