Virtual office: What do we offer for how much and of what quality?

A virtual office is a very broad term. In Warsaw, this term means mainly an address which can be entered in the National Court Register (KRS) or the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEiDG) as the registered office of your company, where there is always someone present to collect your business correspondence and send correspondence-related notices to you. Our company also treats this term in such a way, but we improved its quality by adding, among others, rooms where you can meet your business partners.

Better quality of the virtual office

Virtual offices of VSL-System are located in our own, and not leased, real properties. Therefore, your company can stay with us for an unlimited period. We do not have a lease agreement deadline and you can be our customer continuously for 10 or more years. By choosing our virtual office, you do not need to change your address in the National Court Register and communicate it your business partners for billing or correspondence purposes. There is always someone present in our virtual office during working hours. Postmen and couriers are let in. A notice on any correspondence collected at the virtual office is sent in real time the moment the postman or courier leaves the office. The virtual office sends the notice or text message to any number of e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers, including international numbers. Correspondence can be also scanned in the form of a PDF file. An additional list of correspondence is kept in the customer panel, where PDF files are already encoded. The virtual offices are equipped with a Konika Minolta fax, scanner and copying machine and meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are small conference rooms for 6 to 8 people and they are mainly available for management board meetings. Each customer of our virtual office gets 5 hours in meeting rooms per month free of charge. The virtual office is always located in a historic tenement house in the centre of Warsaw, 5-10 minutes from the Palace of Culture and Science, near higher and newer, as well as smaller and older office buildings.

Affordable virtual office fees

Fees for the virtual office of VSL-System are not only affordable, but they will not be subject to any radical increase. The prices for our virtual office have remained almost unchanged since the commencement of the operation of VSL-System. A basic fee is PLN 59 net and includes a lot of virtual office services. On the one hand, the fee is a rent for which the apartment can be used for various purposes. On the other hand, the amount includes both the administration of incoming correspondence, as well as correspondence-related e-mail notices. Other fees are PLN 70, 79 or 129 and also include text messages about incoming correspondence and correspondence scanning in the form of PDF files. For more information about our virtual office fees, see the price list.

Location of virtual offices of VSL-System

The offices are located in our own apartments in historic tenement houses in the centre of Warsaw. These are office buildings with a great number of company signboards at the historic gate. For photos of the historic houses, see our gallery.
7 Złota Street is a tenement house from 1937, located very close to the Palace of Culture. There are a lot of companies and foundations registered there.
Aleje Jerozolimskie 85 is a yellow tenement house built in 1912 and located opposite Varso Tower office building.
11 Mazowiecka Street is a tenement house located near Świętokrzyska Street near the National Bank of Poland and the Polish Television.

How to choose a virtual office?

While choosing your virtual office, check whether the virtual office fee and address are not subject to changes. It is important that the owner of a virtual office is also an owner of the premises where the office is operated. Virtual offices in London operated in such a way in the years there was deep communism in Poland and owing to that they have been operating at the same address to date. It is important that your company does not need to change its virtual office address because all address changes are badly perceived by business partners and websites that analyse companies. A change in the registered office also entails an unnecessary cost payable to the National Court Register and a loss of time to fill in registration forms and notify all business partners. A virtual office operated directly by the owner of the office premises means the guarantee of the continuity of services even in 10 or 20 years.

Registered office of your company

As defined, the virtual office is a place where your registered office is located. A limited company is the most popular form of business because it only pays 9% income tax and may be treated identically to a sole trader, provided that no money is paid out. The virtual office is also a relevant place for the registered office of sole traders, companies of other types, as well as foundations and associations. A registered office located in the virtual office forms a base where management board meetings or meetings of shareholders can be held.

Advantages of the virtual office

The virtual office is a typical example of a sharing economy, which is a fashionable trend now. It operates in the same way as cars rented for minutes at each corner in the centre of Warsaw. A person using such a car wants to move from point A to point B. They are not interested in paying PLN 50,000 to buy a car, arrange for a car park in the city centre, pay insurance, have the car serviced once a year, or replace winter and summer tyres. In the case of the virtual office, an entrepreneur just wants to have a good address in the centre of Warsaw recorded in the National Court Register or the Central Registration and Information on Business, have their correspondence collected at that address, be notified of such incoming correspondence, and hold a free meeting at the virtual office from time to time. The entrepreneur is interested neither in buying office furniture, increasing their real estate tax due to having their business registered in their own apartment, receiving a postman every day at 9:00 a.m. or a tax inspector at 13:00 nor in paying PLN 3000 plus social security and taxes to a secretary accommodated in their apartment or rented office or calculating such social security contributions and taxes, bearing penal and fiscal liability for accurate calculations, recruiting a new secretary, or browsing hundreds of CVs instead of watching a match on TV. Thus the virtual office means peace and quiet at solely PLN 59 net per month.

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