Registration of a limited liability company and capital contributions

This advice has been written for virtual office Warsaw VSL-System company by Jakub Bonowicz,
Legal Counsel and virtual office lawyer.

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For the company you register, you may of course receive from us the address of our virtual office.
It will be your company's registered office. We can also collect your mail, open your company's mail,
scan your mail to PDF and send all PDFs to your email.

It is not enough to execute the articles of association to register the company.

To register the company, a relevant registration application must be filed.

Since the virtual office receives many questions what is necessary to file a registration application,
we present the list of documents that should be attached to your registration application:

1) the company's articles of association with an electronic signature (please, bring this document
to the virtual office in Warsaw to sign a lease contract);

2) the list of shareholders, including full names or business names and the number
and par value of shares held by each shareholder, including the electronic signature of all directors;

3) the electronically signed statement of all directors informing that shareholders have fully paid all cash contributions to the share capital, provided that contributions were made at the latest on the registration application filing date.

Capital contributions

If you register a limited liability company via the Internet, contributions to the company’s share capital do not need to be paid before the company’s registration application is filed.

In accordance with Art. 158 §1(1) of the Code of Commercial Companies, capital contributions should be paid at the latest within seven days of the company’s registration. If contributions are not fully paid the moment the company is registered, it is not necessary to submit a statement on the payment of capital contributions to the share capital.