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For the virtual office in Warsaw, courier mail are broken down into two types.

These is incoming and outgoing mail that you order.

1. Mail coming to the virtual office

If you have not received courier mail, please clarify that at first with a sender and a courier company. Herebelow we present a situation where a part of you would certainly assume that this is the virtual office that has not collected the mail. While the actual situation may be completely different.

Once, we ordered a parcel at Allegro to one of our own companies (VSL Development) and we paid through the Allegro payment system. A week later, we realised that the parcel did not arrive.
It turned up that there were two errors. One caused by a sender and the other by a courier company.

Therefore, if you do not receive your mail, clarify all irregularities first with those entities.

The sender, in spite of our payment via allegro, sent a cash-on-delivery parcel by mistake.
The courier arrived to early: at 8:19 in spite of 9:00 since he decided that he would not wait until the office is opened or arrive again, but he would return the parcel to the sender with an annotation that no-one had wanted to receive it because it was COD mail and, in his opinion, the virtual office usually did not collect COD mail.
Because of those two errors of the courier and the sender, we would have never realised that someone wanted to deliver a parcel to us.

It is also possible to collect COD mail at the virtual office. There are customers that leave us money to pay their COD mail and we collect it. While, otherwise, the courier should bring mail to the office and not return it without reason since we would like to inform our customer that COD mail has been delivered.
The customer may call a courier to bring the mail again and leave money with us.

We present a DPD screenshot that confirms the above. COD means cash-on-delivery.

dpd courier mail at virtual office

2. Mail outgoing of the virtual office

VSL-System does not send courier mail.

We sent all mail to you by post (Polish Post Office). If you want to receive your mail by courier,
you may order it via the Internet. For example, an application that has been checked by us is available

You may order a UPS courier there at PLN 19.99 gross and a Kolporter courier at an even lower price.
You pay online by an instant bank transfer ( from Polish bank account ),
credit card or with a debit payment card (embossed debit card).
After the mail is paid (i.e. within a few seconds), you receive a PDF with a bill of lading, which may be sent by e-mail to the virtual office. The application generates an invoice at the end of a month.

And here, as the virtual office, we have one very important comment.
As "Sender", write the name of your, and not our, company.

This is your company registered at al. Jerozolimskie that is responsible for the mail.
This is your company that will be entitled to insurance if the mail is lost by the courier company.
This is your company that may be contacted by debt collection companies
if the recipient never collects the mail.

In particular, it is necessary to point out that if the recipient never collects the mail,
it is returned to the sender.

It is returned, but not free of charge.

If VSL-System is indicated as the sender, then all requests for payment concerning the mail
we have not sent are delivered to VSL-System.

Therefore, we may only hand over outgoing courier mail if the courier is ordered at the name of your,
and not our, company.

You must also give the taxpayer identification number (NIP) of your company and not of VSL-System or VSL Development. ( our companies )

This is the example of a request of payment for for over PLN 400 since one of customers opened
an account with FEDEX and gave the taxpayer identification number of VSL Development.

request from a FEDEX lawyer

If it is not enough, we can find another example.

A company ordered a POCZTEX courier and indicated VSL-System as a sender.
The courier collected the mail. Then, it turned up that the mail had not been received by a recipient specified thereon.

The mail was delivered to the warehouses of Pocztex and Polish Post Office in Koluszki,
where there is the storage of all mail uncollected in Poland.

Of course, the mail is not stored or returned free of charge.

Since VSL-System (virtual office) was named as a sender, it was this company that received a precourt request for payment, which is presented below.

precourt request for payment for virtual office

pocztex request for payment

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