How to create a civil law company ?

The civil law company is a civil legal form, which specifies the conduct of the company.

Briefly it is a form of organized cooperation of at least two people who have made a financial contribution
to start-up company in order to achieve the objectives of economic and financial benefits.

As a place of business of such companies you can enter an address provided by VSL-System Warsaw Virtual Office, which will also be entrusted with your business address service such as receiving mail.

The contract of company must be done as a document in which all the partners submit their own captions.

To be consistent with the law it must contain the following information: company name, names of partners and the contributions partners put, business classification and the duration of the contract.

Next, the partners should register a civil law company in the business register.

Since the civil law company is an obligatory VAT payer, it is required to submit a claim for NIP number
in the tax office.
The next step in the process of setting up this type of company is an instance to the regional statistical office for REGON number.
It is necessary because a company is the subject of the national economy.