What is Polish Business Classification ( in Polish PKD ) ?

Polish Business Classification is a generally accepted scheme of all sorts of businesses that can be carried out on Polish territory.

Any person who shall make an entry in the business register or the National Court is obliged to choose PBC numbers, which will specify what the company is going to deal with.

During registering the company it is crucial to include all PBC numbers, since further adding may be associated with the charges.
Currently, changes to an entry in the business register are free of charge
but remember that the rules have been changed many times in the last 10 years.

According to the current scheme which is valid from December 2007 we can distinguish the following levels of business breakdown: section, department, group, class and subclass.
We can find the corresponding number on the Central Statistical Office website.

However, if we are not sure which number to choose then arranging
a bookkeeping in our virtual office you can have our accountant's full support and free consulting.

Polish Business Classification has a variety of uses.
The main is to classify REGON entities and to provide data to the Central Statistical Office,
which uses it to analyze the national economy and comparing it with the economies of other countries.

Every company in Poland must have REGON number.

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