Social Insurance contributions

Any person who operates his own individual business is required to pay social insurance contributions.

If the owner of the company does not employ any employees, the application for Social Insurance takes place at the time of company registration in the Business Register in the City or Municipality Office
in a so-called “single point system”.

However, if the company is going to employ a staff or owner’s family members, we need to go to Social Insurance office personally and fill in the relevant applications and declarations.

Social Insurance contributions are calculated on the basis of actual amount
of the average monthly salary in the first quarter of the current year.

Those who set up business for the first time or did not carry it over the past 60 months, according to the laws governing the functioning of business have the right to benefit from relief social insurance.

However, all rules and countless declarations to be completed make most business owners entrust this task to such institutions as the accounting office.

This gives confidence that all documents are correctly completed.

VSL-System Warsaw Virtual Office offers accounting services for companies as well.