How to obtain temporal residence in Poland having LTD company ?

This advice has been written in May, 2015 for virtual office Warsaw VSL-System company
by Jakub Bonowicz, Legal Counsel and virtual office lawyer.

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Poland is an attractive place for foreigners to live. Our state can offer you stable economic and political conditions, favorable investing climate and still relatively low maintenance costs
(in comparison to other European states).

If you are interested in :

- Opening business in Poland (in particular in the form of LTD company),
- Obtaining a visa for you as well as for your family,
- Obtaining a permit for temporal or permanent residence

we can assist you in all matters, including:

- Opening LTD company,
- Making all formalities in the authorities (tax office, court register, statistical office, opening bank account, keeping accounting books),
- Visa procedures (assistance in filling the visa application),
- Temporal residence permit procedures (assisting in filling and submitting all documents, representing you before state authorities).

What conditions you have to meet to obtain a temporal residence in Poland ?

1. Operating business in Poland (the easiest way is to do it by LTD company being its member and president of the board).

To open LTD company you neither need to come to Poland nor have a VISA.

Setting up the company can be done via Internet with our assistance.

2. Having health insurance (public or private).
Public insurance in National Health Fund you can obtain by employing yourself in the company.

3. Having stable and regular income enough for covering costs of your life in Poland.
The income can be gained for instance as a wage from the company (as its board member).
Your monthly income shall be higher than 542 PLN per month (which is around 135 euro).

4. Having a place of residence in Poland.
You do not have to buy the property. It is enough to have for instance a tenancy agreement.

5. Your company shall have enough money to meet in future a condition of operating business activity. Which means that its planned income in the year shall be 12 times of average monthly income in the voivodship in which the company has its registered seat and it shall also be able to employ minimum two employees being Polish citizens or EU citizens or foreigners having special status or rights in Poland (which are specified in statute on promotion of employment and work institutions).

The evidence of meeting this criteria can be for instance bank statement
showing the amount of money collected on the company's bank account.

If you have further questions and you are interested in opening business in Poland,
obtaining a visa or temporal residence, please write to us using this form :

link to the form

Jakub Bonowicz, Legal Counsel, will answer all your questions in Polish or English.

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