I do not want to use S24.
Can I register a limited liability company in a traditional way ?

This advice has been written for virtual office Warsaw VSL-System company by Jakub Bonowicz,
Legal Counsel and virtual office lawyer.

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For the company you register, you may of course receive from us the address of our virtual office.
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Can I register a limited liability company in a traditional way ?

Yes. Persons that do not want to establish their limited liability company via the Internet
(e.g. because the form does not meet their expectations) may execute the articles of association with the notary public and register their company in a traditional way
(by filing paper forms with the National Court Register).

In the case of traditional registration, to sign an registered office agreement with the virtual office
in Warsaw
, you must bring the company’s articles of association in the form of a notarial deed to the virtual office.

In such a case, however, in accordance with Art. 19b.1c.1a of the National Court Register Act,
the registered company must file registration applications with the register of taxable persons and payers for corporate income tax and VAT purposes and with the register of entities of the national economy (REGON), as well as Social Security (ZUS) on its own (in this case, the “one-stop-shop” rule does not apply).

Summing up, enabling the registration of limited liability companies via the Internet is for sure an important step toward the automation of administrative procedures in Poland. However, you must remember that some analysts criticise the very assumptions of the act and point out that the legislator tries to solve the problem of excessive procedures and legal regulations on the registration of commercial companies by enforcing further procedures (Ł. Zamojski: Uwagi na tle projektu „S24” dotyczącego przyspieszonej rejestracji spółek zoo, Prawo Spółek 2/2011 of 01.02.2011, p. 21 ).

Nevertheless, if the simplified registration of limited liabilities companies is effective in practice,
the legislator anticipates to enforce simplifications for further types of companies.

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