What is franchising ?

For several years, setting up a business in the franchise system has become a very popular among young entrepreneurs.

This form of business is based on sales of products from another company – the establishment of a trade or service point is identical to the each point of the network.

Most are branded clothing, fuel or catering services.

The opening of such business makes it possible to save considerable expenditure of money that we would have to spend on promotion and advertising. The basic principle of this system is based on mutual cooperation between two business entities which are defined as individual franchise creators.
These entities are a franchisor and the franchisee.

The first one is a company that produces a particular product.
It is well established in the market and its products have a group of regular customers.

Franchisee is the company that sells these products directly.
Franchisee may choose to use services offered by VSL-System Warsaw Virtual Office,
because then he could focus on core business operations.

In this way, an inexperienced trader has considerable chance of success, because on the one hand
he gets advertising and marketing support from a large company ( the franchisor ), on the other hand he passes the support office, mail or phone assigns to the proven professionals.

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