Publication of Judgements in Won Cases

In September 2012, Jerzy Stękiel (Member of the Management Board of NDN S.A.) threw us out from Premises No. 100 at 61 Złota St, Warsaw, rented for a definite period of time, i.e.10 years, from NDN S.A., terminating the rental agreement without presenting the power of attorney from another Member of the Management Board (joint representation, termination with immediate effect – 24 h for taking desks out).
The rent was, of course, paid in a timely manner.
Many companies registered at 61 Złota St Premises 100 Warsaw were aggrieved and forced to suddenly change their addresses (expensive change of address at the National Court Register, new stamps, time invested in informing business partners about the new address, calling various hot lines to change the invoicing address, changing the address in the company car registration card, changing the company address at banks, etc.).
There were also people who screamed: "business swines".

Therefore, we present the following judgements for the above-mentioned businesses and companies in cases that we have won against NDN S.A. (KRS 0000242935, REGON: 120074847, NIP: 6762298716, registered office: ul. Złota 61 lok. 310 – status as of 17.07.2017).

We offer a 1 year, free of charge use of a virtual office at premises that is our property (not rented) to all businesses and companies that had to suddenly change their addresses. For details, please call 22 657 22 36.
We also offer the support of the lawyer, who regularly deals with cases against NDN S.A.

Here are the copies of judgements – we won all the cases :

1) Claim for establishing whether the rental agreement concerning commercial premises at 61 Złota St Premises 100 entered into between NDN S.A. and VSL-System expired on 13 September 2012 (conclusion – the agreement did not expire):

judgement 1

2) Claim for the restoration of the possession of commercial premises at 61 Złota St Premises 100 to VSL-System (conclusion – the premises should be currently occupied by VSL-System):

judgement 2

3) Compensation claim in the above-mentioned claim (conclusion – compensation from NDN S.A. is due):

judgement 3

All above-mentioned judgements have long been final and binding.

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